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Be the change you want to see

Ana D & Noora K

Switzerland based artist duo.


Ana Lombard 

Born in Mexico in 1974.

BA in graphic design Arte Ac Institute

Monterrey, Mexico

Noora Kulvik

Born in 1979 in Finland. 

BFA Parsons School of Design

Paris, France / New York, US

            Ana D & Noora K have been exhibiting their work internationally since 2016, showcasing their profound journey of transformation under the concept of Spinning Nature. Represented by Galerie K+Y Contemporary in Paris, France, Galerie Almanaque fotografica in Mexico City, and Rarity Gallery in Mykonos, Greece, their collaboration has proven to be both inspiring and creative.


              Ana D & Noora K's artistic vision centres on the urgent need to address the delicate balance of natural resources in contemporary society. Through their work in photography, video, and mixed media, encapsulated by the concept of Spinning Nature, they convey a strong message underlining the profound conviction that society overlooks the fragility of the planet's resources. They emphasise the intricate relationship between human behaviour and ecological systems, stressing the urgency of addressing the tipping point we currently face.  Their work emphasises the importance of visually expressing the aggression nature and resources endure due to human actions, serving as a poignant reminder of the imperative for humanity to unite and foster acute awareness in the face of an increasingly individualistic society. 


                Ana and Noora appreciate how exceptional it is to be able to create as a duo. This bond between two individuals brings them inspiration and they have felt its importance along their artistic path and in their vision. They aim to represent emotions through visual art, rekindling humanity's lost alliance with nature. Their work captures the invisible energy of the natural world, portraying it in its raw form and highlighting its transformation through movement. Through the magic of photography, they seek to showcase the transfiguration of all particles, inviting viewers to rediscover the beauty and importance of our connection with the natural world.

Represented by



RARITY GALLERY, Mykonos, Greece

ESPACE L, Geneva, Switzerland 2018 - 2023

In collaboration with

ART BONGARD, Switzerland

ARTION, Switzerland

CALAMART, Switzerland

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