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Be the change you want to see

Ana D & Noora K

Switzerland based artist duo.


Ana Lombard 

Born in Mexico in 1974.

BA in Graphic Design The Arte Ac Institute,Monterrey, Mexico.

Noora Kulvik

Born in 1979 in Finland. 

BFA Parsons School of Design, Paris, France / New York, US

Spinning Nature, the name of our journey, was born from the deep conviction that we do not pay close enough attention to the fragility of our planet’s natural resources. Our actions have positive and harmful repercussions on nature, as the socio-ecological system in which we live is extraordinarily complex. The balance between humanity’s behaviour and our planet’s ecology, as they interact continuously, is now at a tipping point. It is essential to deliver a visual message about the aggression that nature and the resources endure due to our actions.

We appreciate how exceptional it is to be able to create as a duo. This bond between two individuals brings us inspiration and we have felt its importance along our artistic path and in our vision.

Representing emotion with visual art to rediscover the lost alliance with nature, the energy that is invisible to the eye is portrayed in our work. We are taking the subject in its raw form and capturing its uniqueness in relation with movement. We seek to show how all particles transform from physical reality into a new form, transfigured by the magic of photography.

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