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"In your skin"

In your skin series, Geneva 2022

Taking a deep dive into learning about individuals from different rounds of life and trying to understand the emotional connection that makes us realize that we all are the same and acknowledging how different challenges in life can impact our mental health.  The importance of empathy and reciprocal understanding is of essence. This projects intention is the  search to sensibilise everyone in  trying to be a short moment in the skin of others. 


We are very thankful for the association AMIC for this very thought awakening and interesting collaboration on this project.


We believe that learning from each others past experiences, challenges and difficulties with an empathetic approach can help to move towards a healthier and more conscious society.


"Who are you"

Arya Retreat, Istanbul 2023

As sure as the future seems unclear and foggy so are the portraits as main concern and interest should be in the ideas and innovation happening within!

Using recycled materials to create this blurred but constructive idea that show us the enormous amount of information and possibilities that we have today and that all of it can be here to help us to use it as a tool into bringing all our ideas and projects into life. Inspiration to this work came from the slogan of this retreat, in our personal artistic process a large amount of work is done throughout conversations, analysing diverse ideas, ideologies and as said before, inspiration from other people’s actions.

You are your own venture! Firstly, brings to mind the individual and that only you can make the switch needed in order to create new opportunities, positive transformations and adventures. Hence we wanted to incorporate each of the participants independently into this work, but we questioned, how to represent your ideas, ventures, thoughts in a single image? How to connect each of you, like in photography, there is also in life a part of chance and luck of more or less meaningful human discoveries? 

Time to launch! By using it as a great trampoline into action! A countdown into making that change. Similar to a rocket launch countdown, we will use numbers as a reflection of a ciphered thought to be placed in front of each person as a representation of all their inner coded ventures and ideas brought to life! 

The new era is here, AI is a reality and even if we can’t see it clearly, in order to better understand it, we might need to start using it and learning from it. We believe that collaboration between people is the key and a driving force to a powerful way to achieve a stepping stone to higher grounds and reaching our goals. Can and should the same rules apply with what is to come with advancement of technologies and humans.

We thank Ahu Serter, Fark Labs and Arya women for this wonderful opportunity 

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